Hogy Lure Company 3.5″ (1.25oz) Sand Eel Jig Lure – SE Olive


These slim casting machines are designed to accurately imitate sand eels and sand lance, their finish and coloration is unbeatable. Offshore grade heavy duty through-wired frame and holographic baitfish finish.

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Hogy Lure Company 3.5″ (1.25oz) Sand Eel Jig Lure

  • Color: SE Olive
  • Durable, Through Wired Construction
  • Flutter Fall Fast Tapered Design For Increased Action on Vertical Retrieves
  • Imitative Laser Eye
  • Improved Heavy Duty Stainless Split Ring
  • Length: 3.5″
  • Model: SE1OL
  • Reflective Scale Finish
  • Solid Metal Core For Exceptional Casting Distance in Adverse Conditions
  • VMC 4x Treble Hooks
  • Weight: 1.25oz