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  • X-Stand 25′ Climbing Stick Hunting

    X-Stand 25′ Climbing Stick

    Climb up any tree with ease! Unlike other brands, the X-Stand Climbing Stick uses footsteps that angle away from the tree. This unique design gives you extra room to securely climb without the tree getting in the way. The footsteps also have serrated edges that let mud, ice and other debris fall through without becoming slippery. Climbing Stick breaks down into 5 sections for easy transport.

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  • X-Stand Comrade 18′ Ladder Tree Stand Hunting

    X-Stand Comrade 18′ Ladder Tree Stand

    The comrade is an 18′ two-man ladderstand featuring our revolutionary Jaw Safety System. Hunt at ease knowing your stand is safe and secure before you leave the ground. The V-Shape platform and seating configuration provides a truly unique hunting experience. Independent Comfort- FleX mesh seats provide ultimate comfort for 2 hunters. Each seat is angled out for a different hunting field of view. The Comrade features a middle console for quick access of equipment and hunting accessories. Two independent and fully adjustable shooting rails for each hunter flip back or can be fully removed. Shooting rail and armrests are padded and camo covered for ultimate silence and comfort. The Comrade also features these great X-Stand features; Stealth Silencers, HeliX Tubing, & Weather Defender Powdercoat.

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  • X-Stand Ladderstand Blind Hunting

    X-Stand Ladderstand Blind

    Add a strategic layer of concealment to your ladder stand with this X-Stand 2-person Ladder Stand Blind. Universal design fits most 2-person ladder stands.

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  • X-Stand Safe Climb Rope Safety System Accessories

    X-Stand Safe Climb Rope Safety System

    Safe climb is a unique rope safety system featuring a prusik knot that has been used by mountain climbers for years to help keep them safe while they climb a vertical rope. The safe climb uses the same concept to make sure hunters stay safe while climbing up and down from their treestands. The prusik knot slides up and down the climbing rope while you ascend and descend and cinches tight to stop you if a fall does occur. Stay safe from the moment your feet leave the ground.

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  • X-Stand The Champ Hang On Treestand Hunting

    X-Stand The Champ Hang On Treestand

    Comfortable. Concealed. Quiet. You’re up in the Tree Stand for a long time. Might as well make it as pleasant as it can be! This Stand has a camo seat with a lofty 3″ thick padding for your comfort. Plus, the seat flips up for full use of the platform. And so you don’t spook that buck, the self-lubricating washers eliminate metal-on-metal noise.

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  • X-Stand The Jester Tree Stand Hunting

    X-Stand The Jester Tree Stand

    You won’t have to juggle between weight or strength when using this Jester. Its ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio that will keep you light on your feet when packing it out to your hot spot. Unique 3-part design in climbing cables make for an extremely strong attachment, yet maintains its flexibility while climbing. Its Comfort Flex seat contours to your body—without using uncomfortable reinforcement bars, giving you extreme all-day comfort. The weather-resistant mesh seat flips up, while its backrest flips down for convenient transport.

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  • X-Stand Treestands Waterproof Seat Cover Hunting

    X-Stand Treestands Waterproof Seat Cover

    Protect your seat from rain and snow when you’re not in your stand with X-Stand Treestands’ Treestand Seat Cover. The waterproof seat cover fits treestand seats up to 23” wide and 16” deep with adjustable cord locks to keep the cover in place, even in high winds. Made of polyester.

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