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News & Press

News & Press

Participants Enjoyed an Incredible Day

Thank you to everyone who came out to experience our first Putt and Pull event this week with proceeds benefiting Pets in Need Veterinary Clinic of Riverside! Participants enjoyed an incredible day on our 19-Station Sporting Clays Course and championship 18-hole...

First Annual Putt & Pull

How simulation training helps improve police shooting performance

Atlanta-based Meggitt Training Systems sells virtual and physical indoor and outdoor systems to private range operators, law enforcement and the military.In addition to its ranges, the company also offers tethered and BlueFire wireless weapon simulators. These weapons are real firearms that have been highly modified to provide robust diagnostics and after-action review to the shooters, including hold, target dwell time, trigger discipline and recoil recovery.

Meggitt Training Systems

The New, Platonic Relationship between Women and Guns

In the final analysis it is not about empowerment, or leveling the playing field, or addressing a perceived need to demonstrate physical strength, emotional stability and practical judgment.  The story of the dramatic increase of women owning guns in America is one...

Ladies Pistol (101)

Three Best Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense

With its unrivaled power, the tactical shotgun is the optimal firearm for home defense. Before we offer our recommendations for the best of the best in home defense category, let’s review the features that are critical for tactical shotguns and that, in some...

Three Best Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense

Welcome to the Sporting Shoppe

Welcome to the Sporting Shoppe at The Preserve. Created in the tradition of history’s legendary expedition outfitters and open to the public seven days a week, this two-level, 15,000 sf retail space offers $10 million of inventory, including bespoke FAMARS shotguns...

Firearms Classes and Registration

The Sporting Shoppe at The Preserve is proud to Partner with Bob Cardente of Armed and Ready to bring you The Preserve Academy offering a wide array of firearm safety classes for all skill levels.  Participants can gain knowledge from experts through instruction in...

The Range at The Preserve
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