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  • Ravin R29 Predator Dusk Camo Crossbow Package Archery

    Ravin R29 Predator Dusk Camo Crossbow Package

    The R29 is an incredible 5.5 inches shorter than the R20 and still delivers arrows at 430 FPS with a punishing 164-foot pounds of kinetic energy. Featuring a 12.5 inch power stroke, the Ravin R29 measures 29 inches in length and weighs 6.75 pounds. The Ravin R29 maintains its sleek design with an incredible axle-to-axle width of a mere 6 inches when fully-drawn.

    The Ravin Match-Grade arrows included feature an incredible .003″ straightness tolerance and are 100% pure carbon construction. They include high-impact brass-threaded inserts and 2″ offset vanes. The Match-Grade arrows also feature Lumenok lighted nocks.

    The illuminated scope features a 20-100 yard range and is FPS adjustable. Red and Green illumination options provide illumination in all light conditions. This Ravin scope is fog-resistant, waterproof and recoil-proof.

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  • Ravin R20 Crossbow – Gunmetal Package Archery

    Ravin R20 Crossbow – Gunmetal Package

    Building on the superior design of HeliCoil technology, Ravin introduces the Ravin R20 Gunmetal Grey Crossbow Package. The R20 feature Ravin’s sleek style, rifle-like accuracy and ultra compact design.

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  • Ravin R20 Crossbow Archery

    Ravin R20 Crossbow

    In the never-ending quest for superior speed and rifle-like accuracy, Ravin has reached a new pinnacle. The sheer power of the R20 comes from a brilliant enhancement to HeliCoil® Technology – a 13-inch power stroke that produces 430 FPS and 164 foot pounds of kinetic energy.

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  • Sale! Stryker Katana 385 Camo Crossbow Archery

    Stryker Katana 385 Camo Crossbow

    The new Katana 385 is the definition of a high performance, high efficiency crossbow. Comfortable to carry and smooth to shoot, the Katana 385 features a skeletonized Aero-Rail and soft rubber inserts in the stock’s fore-end and pistol grip. The Katana’s high efficiency makes it ghostly quiet when the trigger is pulled, giving hunters the best chance of hitting their target. The Katana also comes equipped with a smooth 2.5 pound trigger, anti-dry fire technology, manual safety, oversized finger guards, and an ambidextrous cheek piece. The crossbow also has the unique ability to be de-cocked, a rare feature for compound crossbows on the market today.

    $950.00 $799.99
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  • Sale! Diamond Carbon Knockout  Carbon Fiber Bow Rak Package Archery

    Diamond Carbon Knockout Carbon Fiber Bow Rak Package

    The Carbon Knockout is inspired by women, for women. This bow is for the beginner to avid woman archer requiring the cutting edge technology, performance and looks that they deserve. Easy tuning and comfort is essential for the ultimate archery experience and the Carbon Knockout is the key to instant success. Binary Cam technology makes this women’s bow the premium choice for unmatched tunability and instant accuracy. A carbon riser makes this a lightweight and comfortable women’s bow.

    $749.99 $549.99
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  • Sale! Quest Thrive Bow Package Black 26-31 in 60 lb Archery

    Quest Thrive Bow Package Black 26-31 in 60 lb

    The Thrive features an 82X aluminum riser that has a specific stiffness to weight ratio that is higher than any other aluminum in the industry. The Flux cams have a smooth draw cycle, yet still maintains its performance. This modular based cam comes with adjustable limb stops. The Thrive also features the Flexis AR cable guard that can be fine-tuned to any arrow of fletching combination. ATA: 33.75, Brace Height: 7, Draw Length: 26-31, Mass Weight: 4.3 lbs, Speed: 328 fps. Package includes G5 4 pin toolless sight, Full containment arrow rest, G5 stabilizer, HeadLoc 6 arrow quiver, Neoprene wrist sling, and 1/4 Meta Peep.

    $749.95 $525.00
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  • Sale! Barnett Tactical 370 Crossbow Package 4 x 32mm Scope Archery

    Barnett Tactical 370 Crossbow Package 4 x 32mm Scope

    Package Includes:

    – 4x32mm Scope
    – Rope Cocking Device
    – Side Mount Quiver
    – (2) 20″ Headhunter Arrows
    – Lube Wax
    – Triggertech Precise Trigger

    $499.00 $450.00
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  • Pre Owned Mathews Eliminator Compound Bow Archery

    Pre Owned Mathews Eliminator Compound Bow

    Pre-owned crossbow lightly used condition, comes with a stabilizer, leather grip, a scope, a Quiver (No arrows included) and a camo finish

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  • Sale! Pre-Owned – Mathews Extreme Tactical Bow Archery

    Pre-Owned – Mathews Extreme Tactical Bow

    This compound bow comes with a harmonic stabilizer/ damper, an attachable quiver with 5- Maxima Carbon Express arrows (26″), and a 3-colored ring sight.

    $499.00 $375.00
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  • IQ™ Define Rangefinding Sight Accessories

    IQ™ Define Rangefinding Sight

    Accurate to within a single yard with ranging capability out to 99 yds. the Define Rangefinding Sight from IQ eliminates a ton of movement to prevent spooking game, while allowing you to place the most accurate shot possible. Powered by a single CR-2 battery (included). Five pins with micro and tool-free adjustability ensure you’re covered through the entire effective range of your bow. Second- and Third-axis adjustability allow maximum accuracy. Ultrabright fiber optics ensure low-light visibility. Housing and frame are constructed with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum for durability. Integrated sight light with five adjustable brightness levels.

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  • Ravin® R170 – Illuminated Scope Accessories

    Ravin® R170 – Illuminated Scope

    This Ravin scope is a 8.75-inch aluminum scope features a variable speed and arrow drop-compensation setting for crossbows that shoot between 300 and 425 FPS. Nine dot calibrated for 20-100 yards with a wide field of view. Rheostat controlled, illuminated colored dots (red or green). An etched glass reticle and fully multi-coated lenses 1.5 to 5x optics. Flip up protective lens caps. Fog and weatherproof. Shock and recoil proof. Mounting rings (7/8”) /br /Features:br /br /- 20–100 yard rangebr /- Innovative FPS adjustmentbr /- Fully coated lenses with red green illuminationbr /- Fog, water, shock and recoil-proof performance

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  • Sale! Diamond Edge 320 Bow Package Black 7-70 lb. RH Archery

    Diamond Edge 320 Bow Package Black 7-70 lb. RH

    The adjustability of the Edge 320 makes it the perfect bow for the beginning and experienced archer alike, with the ease of tunability that only the Synchronized Binary Cam System offers.

    $399.00 $299.99
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  • Sale! Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Camo Package Archery

    Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Camo Package

    Cutting edge innovation is at the heart of every Diamond bow, and with the new Edge SB-1, archers can have the leader in ease of use, versatility, and adjustability. This bow is designed for the beginning archer looking to experience the thrill of hitting the bullseye, as well as the seasoned archer seeking the largest game.

    Adjustability and versatility are key, and the Diamond Edge SB-1 makes it a breeze. The Edge SB-1 features 63 lbs of limb adjustment and the EZ Adjust pocket system makes setting it anywhere in between a snap. The adjustability doesn’t stop there, Rotating Modules allow for 15 inches of draw length, sure to fit almost every archer.

    Powering the new Edge SB-1 is the Certified Bowtech Synchronized Binary Cam system, generating unmatched accuracy and blazing speeds up to 318 feet per second.

    $399.99 $299.99
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  • Ravin Crossbows Hard Case Accessories

    Ravin Crossbows Hard Case

    The Ravin Crossbow Hard Case is designed exclusively to protect your Ravin R9/10/15/ or 20 crossbow when traveling. The compact hard-shell case stores a fully-assembled Ravin crossbow with mounted scope, quiver and arrows attached.  Features ample room to store extra arrows, rangefinder, binoculars, etc. The reinforced polymer construction features water-resistant seals, a manual air valve and dependable cam-over latches. The Ravin Hard Case includes pre-cut soft foam insert to keep your Ravin secure.

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  • Ravin Bullpup R26/R29 Crossbow Hard Case Accessories

    Ravin Bullpup R26/R29 Crossbow Hard Case

    The Ravin Hard Case is designed to protect your Ravin Crossbow from damage due to travel and use in the field. This compact hard-shell case can store a fully-assembled Ravin Crossbow, models R26 & R29, with mounted scope, quiver and arrows attached. There is also ample room to store extra arrows, rangefinder, binoculars, etc

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