The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences


Spring League – TBD – 50 Clays A Week


Welcome to Sporting Clays League Shooting at The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences.

The Preserve has been called “the most amenities-rich sporting club in North America.”  And shooting sports are its heart and soul.

Our Sporting Clays Course, accessed via picturesque wooded paths, includes 25 artfully constructed shooting pavilions with prospects on a variety of open fields. Each shooting station, including open-air and covered positions, offers 4-5 clay throwers which are strategically and regularly moved to ensure shooters a variety of ever-changing, always-challenging experiences.

When you join our Sporting Clay League, your skills are bound to improve.  All that challenge and reward are enriched by enjoying the company of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.  And the best part is that everyone can contribute, whether they’re an expert marksman or just getting started!

The Preserve Sporting Clay League consists of 8 weeks of shooting 50 target rounds per week. The handicapped scoring system levels the playing field for all players.

Summer Sunday League – TBA

Winner will receive 200 clays to be enjoyed with up to 4 guests on The Preserves Warming Hut Clays Stations.

Targets must be shot on Sundays for Indoor range members.

Scores must be recorded on the league scoresheet by Hunter Wilcox.

Scoresheets will be given to competitors each day prior to shoot and turning in when they commence their shooting.

Entry fee is $30 per individual or team member.


Handicaps are calculated by using the shooter’s average score, then subtracting it from “par”, which is 43, and multiplying the difference by 70%.
For example: if a shooter’s average score is 30, the equation is 43-30+13x.7+ 9.1. The product (9.1) will be added to the shooters score. Handicaps are adjusted every week. Maximum score with a handicap is 43. All shooters are handicapped.