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Bubba Carbon Fiber Fishing Net, S


Never let another one off your hook. This all-new Fishing Net is ready to help you land your next trophy fish. With a 75-pound rating, it’ll snag up any musky or even the biggest bull red. The net hoop is made from aerospace aluminum to uphold brutal force. Its PVC coated nylon netting makes cleaning and sifting through the waters a breeze. The knotless net also protects your fish from any roughness that traditional nets may cause. The yoke of the net features a diecast aluminum black chrome giving it a weather-resistant finish and durability that will outlast years of use in saltwater. As always, Bubba’s iconic non-slip grip will come in handy while you wrangle in that prized catch. For ultimate durability and strength, Bubba’s newest Fishing Net is top-of-the-line for you and your mates.

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Bubba Carbon Fiber Fishing Net

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Designed to Fit Most Rod Holders
  • Dimensions: 4′ x 16″
  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Hoop Material: Aerospace Aluminum
  • Iconic Non-Slip Grip
  • Lightweight Design
  • Model: 1096052
  • Net Material: PVC-Coated Nylon
  • Net Size: Small
  • Reinforced Aerospace Aluminum Yoke
  • Weight Rating: 75lbs


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