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Check out The Preserve Club & Residences in the clip below as seen on The TODAY SHOW July 27, 2018 with news anchor Meaghan Mooney!

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION – Preserve Club and Residence

Time now for summer of fun on NBC 10. Wow. Does that trend, the stress and having an 18 hole golf course at your disposal, it’s just the start of what you and the whole family can do for activities here at the preserve. 3,500 acres of nature’s finest is home to the preserve club and residences.

This membership base club offers great getaways or a permanent retreat.

Where are these homes and amenities? Luxurious. Just ask Karen, a former Bostonian. Now living at the preserve Aaron, but I mean we’re standing in the middle of the ones here at the preserve. So you’re living here as a resident. Tell us about that. I love living here.

We have three stock fishing funds, tennis, golf course rock climb. There’s a beautiful rock climbing wall hike, beautifully furnished tenants with mosquito nets. Uh, the pool will be open in August. It really is unlimited.

I spend more time with my boys then I ever would have imagined they wanted to be with me and outside all the time. That is really, we ATV snowmobile.

So it’s four seasons. Uh, there’s always instruction and safety. So my boys are learning so much respect for guns and respect for the wilderness. It’s really outrageous.

And then we’re five minutes from 95 so I can go back to Boston as needed for any fans of what are the ring? This is a hobbit house. Glamping. Hobbit style is just one of the many things for members to do.

There’s also wildlife sports of hunting and cliche pheasant shoots that they do and people come in from all over the country.

I had no idea the sporting world that even existed, the adventures 10 you with fun activities to see great use of the outdoors.

So much to do. So much to experience and available to the public. Seven days a week is the preserve sporting shop plus downstairs is home to America’s longest automated underground shooting range with 150 yard lanes.

For more information, check out NBC 10 summer. Brought to you by the preserve club in residences.