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Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro Fluorocarbon Leader, 30yd 100lb


Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro is a high quality Japanese 100% fluorocarbon leader made in their private line factory in Fukuoka Japan. Made with the finest raw materials and put through an exclusive extrusion process, the result is a well rounded fluorocarbon that is manageable and easy to tie, yet extremely strong and abrasion resistance. It is a high molecular weight fluorocarbon that features excellent knot, shock and overall strength and exceptional abrasion resistance. SuperFluoro is a collaboration of the Japanese and US PD teams and has been thoroughly tested by top fresh and saltwater pro-staff in the US and worldwide. This natural clear leader is an excellent choice for targeting trophy inshore species like Striped Bass, Snook, and Tarpon around structure or chasing big game pelagic species like Bluefin, Yellowfin, and Sailfish. All this technology and craftmanship for an extremely aggressive price point; a 30-50% savings per yard compared to other quality Japanese fluorocarbons. Finally, a top quality 100% fluorocarbon leader that doesn’t break the bank!

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Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro Fluorocarbon Leader

  • Color: Natural Clear
  • Diameter: .038″ (.953mm)
  • Length: 30yds
  • Model: YZ-SF-100LB-NCL-30YD
  • Pound Test: 100lbs


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