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WMD Guns Accent Color Build Kit 556 RED


The following parts* Coated are: Ejection Port Cover Door, Forward Assist, Castle Nut, Receiver End Plate, Bolt Catch, Mag Lever, Mag Button, Pivot Pin, Takedown Pin, Trigger Guard, Buffer Retainer. We also include the pins and spring kit for the Lower Controls. *(Does not include any trigger components).

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WMD Guns Accent Color Build Kit 556 RED

  • 1x Bolt Catch
  • 1x Bolt Catch Plunger
  • 1x Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • 1x Bolt Catch Spring
  • 1x Buffer Retainer
  • 1x Buffer Retainer Spring
  • 1x Castle Nut
  • 1x Ejection Port Cover Door
  • 1x End Plate
  • 1x Forward Assist
  • 1x Magazine Catch
  • 1x Magazine Catch Spring
  • 1x Magazine Release Button
  • 1x Pistol Grip Screw and Washer
  • 1x Pivot Pin (Pin head and bottom)
  • 1x Safety Selector
  • 1x Selector Detent
  • 1x Selector Detent Spring
  • 1x Takedown Pin (Pin head and bottom)
  • 1x Trigger Guard
  • 1x Trigger Guard Roll Pin
  • 2x Takedown Pin Detent
  • 2x Takedown Pin Detent Spring
  • Fit: Mil-Spec AR-15
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