VMC RSDS Redline Series Drop Shot Fishing Hooks, 2sz 6pk


VMC RedLine Series hooks were engineered for elite bass anglers when they need to turn up the heat from a “10” to an “11.” It starts with extra-light, extra-strength VMC Vanadium Steel — the same material they use to make Formula One race cars. Combined with ultra-smooth P.T.F.E. that’s so velvety smooth, that you’ll be lipping them before they know they’ve been caught. And to top it off, VMC incorporated their compressed Needle Point design that delivers powerful hook-ups that fish simply can’t shake. Turn your ordinary day of fishing into extraordinary with the new VMC RedLine Series hooks.

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VMC RSDS Redline Series Drop Shot Fishing Hooks

  • Hook-Lok Accessory
  • Hook Size: 2
  • Inline Hook Extra Bend Resistant
  • Max Barb
  • Model: RSDS#2NTPP
  • Pack Count: 6
  • Resin Closed Eye
  • Turned Up Eye