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Terminator Pro Series Spinnerbait Fishing Lure, 3/8oz – Gold Shiner


Optimized to produce tons of vibration, the Terminator Pro Series Double Willow Spinnerbait elicits big strikes from predators! High-grade 17-7 stainless steel construction delivers exceptional strength, while colors and blade combinations inspired by pros make this Terminator spinner a must-have for your tackle box! A custom hand-tied skirt adds enticing action, plus a large 3D holographic eye provides both lifelike appeals as well as a big target for fish to hammer! A keeper ensures your trailer stays put, and a premium VMC® hook sinks home quickly and easily. The Terminator Pro Series Double Willow Spinnerbait uses a premium ball-bearing swivel.

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Terminator Pro Series Spin 3/8 Pale Gold Shiner

  • Ball-bearing swivel
  • Custom, hand-tied skirt provides tons of action
  • Durable, strong 17-7 stainless steel ultra-fine wire
  • Large 3D holographic eye
  • Produces ample vibration to entice fish from a distance
  • Sticky-sharp VMC hook
  • The trailer keeper holds it in place


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