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Terminator HD Swim Jig 3/8oz – Chartreuse White Shad


The Terminator Heavy Duty Swim Jig is designed for catching big bass in heavy cover. Its hydrodynamic head and nylon weed guard are designed to cut through water and vegetation so you can get down to the nasty parts where bass hide without fear of snagging. Additionally, the Heavy Duty Swim Jig has oversized 3D eyes, premium banded silicone full skirts, and is built around heavy-wire 5/0 VMC hooks with tight grip trailer keepers.

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Terminator Heavy Duty Swim Jig 3/8 Chartreuse White Shad

  • Nylon weed guard
  • Oversized 3D eye
  • Premium banded silicone full skirt
  • Tight grip trailer keeper
  • VMC® hybrid 5/0 wide gap hook
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