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Templar Knife Reagan Field Dressing Knife


This skinning/gutting knife was designed by an Animal/Meat Scientist with an emphasis on beef quality. The “Reagan”, engineered to be just as effective in a commercial setting as it is out in the field. A gut-hook combined with a thicker blade heel enhances the ease of a full-cavity evisceration process. The blade is designed with a gradual decrease in thickness from heel to tip creating the dual purpose of segmenting sternums to skinning. The ergonomic lightweight handle with finger grooves is designed with a guard on top and bottom allowing for a more comfortable thumb or hand heel placement for leverage of the heel and gut hook in an edge in or edge out grip. Templar blades are precisely heat treated, taper ground, and then finished to a “close-shave” sharp edge for superior edge retention and performance.

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Templar Knife Reagan Field Dressing Knife

  • Blade Length: 4.60″
  • Blade Material: Powder D2
  • Handle Length: 4.55″
  • Model: H-BK-32-1
  • Overall Length: 9.15″
  • Weight: 8.3oz


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