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Strike King Pro Model Crankbait 10XD – Green Gizzard Shad


Bass anglers on the hunt for monster bass should arm themselves with big baits. The Strike King® Pro Model® 8XD and 10XD Deep Diving Crankbaits fit the big fish/big bait equation perfectly, and their free-floating rattle chambers create a big sound as well. On 14-lb. fluorocarbon line, the 8XD can hit 20 feet on the retrieve, while the 10XD will dive to 25 feet, allowing you to present to fish you could probably never reach with a crankbait before. Yet surprisingly, these quick-diving baits cast and pull rather easily, considering their size. Phil Marks, the lure designer, says that in addition to the size, depth capability, and proven swim, the Pro Model 8XD and 10XD emit varying sound frequencies on the retrieve, which heightens their appeal to big bass in the depths. When the fish are hunkered down deep, these big cranks may be your only chance at triggering those big strikes. Superb lifelike finishes.

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Strike King Pro Model Crankbait 10XD Green Gizzard Shad

  • Color: Green Gizzard Shad
  • Depth: 25′
  • Weight: 2oz
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