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Rapala RipStop 12 Yellow Perch


Not a single predator will be able to resist the seductive nature of the Rapala® RipStop™ Jerkbait. Utilizing a RipStop™ tail design, the jerkbait creates a fast-ripping, flashing action. By hard stopping, shimmying when coming to a rest, then slightly lifting its head, the Rapala RipStop’s movement is attractive to all gamefish species. The durable, 2-part plastic body with integrated lip guarantees that the Ripstop holds up in ferocious fish battles for multiple seasons.

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Rapala RipStop 12 Yellow Perch

  • Durable 2-part plastic body with integrated lip
  • Dual control system
  • Hard plastic boot tail
  • Hard ripping flash
  • Hard stopping action
  • Shimmies when coming to a rest
  • Slightly lifts head with a super slow rise
  • Use with techniques such as cast & wind, wind & stop, rip and suspend, twitch, or snap
  • Works on all gamefish species
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