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Rapala 60″ Retractable Ruler


The Rapala 60″ Retractable Ruler offers anglers an easy and efficient way of measuring their catch. With a spring loaded retractable mechanism, this ruler extends and winds itself back into a compact, easy to store frame with the press of a button. The tape of the ruler is printed with oversized, easy to read numbers with 1/2″ increments up to 60″. The tape’s non-reflective surface ensures that the length shows up in photos. Both the frame and tape are made from long lasting, UV protected, waterproof materials to ensure that this handy piece of equipment will last for many fishing seasons to come.

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  • Flip-up nose board for accurate measuring
  • Made from a long-lasting, UV protected, waterproof material
  • Non-reflective surface ensures length shows in photos
  • Oversized, easy to read numbers, in 1/2″ increments up to 60″
  • Spring loaded retractable ruler for easy storage


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