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Pilla Outlaw X7 RCGR Filtration Lens


This is the classic orange lifting lens color profile. The Ruby lens is a red based lens with the largest boost in target orange in the CGR collection. This lens accelerates the orange pieces of the visual spectrum to produce vivid orange targets while the edges of the targets are precisely defined. For the shooter looking for the best all -around CGR lens to light up the target the Ruby lens is the choice – Dimples, rings, and the leading edge of the targets are clearly identified with this special light regulation technology.

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Pilla Outlaw X7 RCGR Filtration Lens

  • Brand: Outlaw X7
  • Lens Model: RCGR
  • Manufacturer: Pilla
  • Model Type: Ruby
  • Sun Protection: Medium Light
  • Transmittance: 35%
  • Type: CGR Filtration Lenses
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