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Pilla Outlaw X7 24CMX Filtration Lens


The 24CMX is the latest generation Max Orange Technology using Pilla ZEISS ChromaShift. The lens boosts target orange significantly while enhancing contrast with a new Bronze Filter. This mix of the High Contrast and Max Boost filtration science has produced a lens that produces crisp visual target registration with well defined edges. The lens also boosts just the right amount of Orange for quick target registration.

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Pilla Outlaw X7 24CMX Filtration Lens

  • Brand: Outlaw X7
  • Lens Model: 24CMX
  • Manufacturer: Pilla
  • Model Type: Chromashift Max Orange Boost
  • Sun Protection: Indirect Sun
  • Transmittance: 24%
  • Type: Solid Filtration Lenses
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