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Parris Toys Deluxe Wood Stick Horse


The Parris Toys Deluxe Wood Stick Horse is a beautifully crafted and classic toy that is perfect for children who love to play and use their imagination. Made from high-quality, sturdy wood, this stick horse is designed to last for years of playtime fun. It features a comfortable, easy-to-grip wooden handle that is perfect for little hands to hold onto as they gallop and ride around the house or yard. It’s the perfect size for children of all ages, and its lightweight design makes it easy for them to carry and ride around. In addition to being a fun and interactive toy, the Parris Toys Deluxe Wood Stick Horse is also a great way to encourage children to use their imagination and develop their creativity. It can be used for all sorts of imaginative play, from galloping through the fields to competing in horse races or rodeos. Overall, the Parris Toys Deluxe Wood Stick Horse is a classic and timeless toy that is sure to bring hours of joy and imaginative play to children of all ages.

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  • Ears: Vinyl
  • Finish: Pecan
  • Material: Wood
  • Model: 7904
  • Reins: Black (Braided)


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