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Orvis Wide-Mouth Hand Fishing Net


As the longtime fishing guide adage goes, a larger target is better—exactly why Orvis substantially increased the hoop size in the Wide-Mouth Net series all the way through the yoke zone. Not only is it far easier to bag a fish with a hoop this big, but it’s also a lot safer when removing your fly from a fish with ample room to work. The fish appreciate that, as well. Made from a unique composite material for lightweight durability that won’t show age as easily as wood, with a deeper, knotless, hook-resistant net bag. Shorter, compact 9″ handle designed for the wading angler’s convenience.

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Orvis Wide-Mouth Hand Fishing Net

  • Bag Depth: 9.5″
  • Color: Dusty Olive
  • Handle Length: 9″
  • Hoop Length: 16″
  • Model: 29FG2100
  • Total Length: 25.5″
  • Total Width: 10.5″


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