Magpul GL Enhanced Mag Well


The Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well is an essential addition to your high-performance competition or carry a GLOCK pistol. This addition will shave precious fractions of a second off your reloading time. The ability to rapidly reload your pistol quickly and easily is critical in the heat of competition or under the intense pressure of a self-defense situation. It features a reinforced impact-resistant polymer construction that is easy to install. The unique edge geometry provides a large ramp to facilitate magazine extraction and reloading. An ergonomic design minimizes printing when carrying concealed. Make sure you and your GLOCK are always ready with a Magpul GL Enhanced Mag Well.

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Magpul GL Enhanced Mag Well

  • Color: Black
  • Ergonomic Design Ensures Minimal Printing
  • Fits:GLOCK Gen-4: G17, G22, G31, G34, G35 and G37
  • High-Performance Gen4 GLOCK Mag Well
  • Large Ramp For Rapid Reloading
  • Material: Resistant Polymer Construction
  • Model: MAG932BLK