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Jigging World Version 2 Blackfish Candy Jig Lure, 3oz – Wasabi


Jigging World Version 2 Blackfish Candy Jigs are made with a custom 3x strong small gap hook. You won’t ever have to worry about losing fish on a bent hook. These blackfish jigs are designed to maximize your hookset ratio. They are specifically designed so that almost 100% of the time, the jig will fall flat with the hook pointed at an upwards angle. This allows for an easier presentation for blackfish to find and feed on your crab offerings. Once a piece of crab is put onto the hook, it will act as a buoyancy that will almost always bring that hook shank at an upward angle.

In stock

  • Color: Wasabi
  • Model: JW-BFC3-WA
  • Size: 3oz


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