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HOGY 9″ PORT DIRECTIONAL Splash Bird 18″ BAR Green Mack


Lightweight and full of splashing action, the Hogy Splash Bird Bar has quickly become one of the most popular light tackle spreader bars for tuna trolling. Imitative UV infused squid bodies offer irresistible action paired with our stainless spring steel bars. Designed for offshore trolling at four to twelve-knot speeds, these lightweight spreader bars can be trolled on much lighter tackle than traditional titanium rigs. A staff favorite for targeting school Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna along the Northeast Coast and Canyons.

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HOGY 9″ PORT DIRECTIONAL Splash Bird 18″ BAR Green Mack

  • 130lb Premium Mono Line
  • Buoyant Floating Bird Design
  • Center Line Ball Bearing Coslock Snap Swivel
  • Designed For Lighter Trolling Outfits
  • Enticing Action At 4mph – 12mph Speeds
  • Light Weight Stainless Spring Steel
  • Replaceable 9inch Stinger
  • Stainless Steel Chafe Gear
  • Ultra-Splash Surface Action
  • Vibrant HD UV Squid Teasers
  • SPL186-GM-P


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