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Goldenrod Dehumidifier 18 Rod


The GoldenRod GunSaver Dehumidifier is designed to handle humidity from the interior of your safe, locker or cabinet and protects against rust by generating a low level of heat that removes moisture from the air. As the warm air circulates throughout the safe on a continuous basis it eliminates humidity, mildew and condensation, all of which can be dangerous for your firearms collection. All GoldenRod GunSafe Dehumidifiers come with a detachable plug for easier mounting. Check with the details below to see the estimated square footage provided by this critical must have device.

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Goldenrod Dehumidifier 18 Rod

  • Battenfeld Technologies Golden Rod Dehumidifier Rod 725731
  • 18″ Golden Rod
  • 200 Square Feet of Protection
  • Tube Diameter .890″
  • Lightweight Alloy Tungsten Heating Element
  • Removes moisture from gun safe interior
  • Protects firearm investment
  • Guards against rust
  • Easy install quick plug attachment
  • Mounting brackets included
  • 110/120 volt AC
  • Made in USA
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