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Dawson Precision Reflex System/Staccato/DPO3 Tactical/DPP Kit/Black Rear with Pins and Screws


Enhance your shooting experience with this specialized kit from Dawson Precision. It includes a sleek black rear sight, complete with precision-machined pins and screws for easy installation. Elevate your firearm’s performance with the reliability and accuracy of Dawson Precision components, designed to meet the demands of tactical and competitive shooting. Upgrade to the ultimate combination of form and function with this high-quality kit, ensuring rapid target acquisition and improved overall shooting proficiency.

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  • Dawson Black Co-Witness Rear Sight, .555″ Tall x .135″ Notch Width
  • Easy to Install – Tools and Hardware Included
  • If you have a Staccato DPO with carry height sights, you will need a front sight .135″ TALLER than your current front sight
  • Model: STI-401-002
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