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Daiwa Seaborg Dendoh Fishing Rod – SEABG70XHWT-SF


Designed for Cutting Edge, Deep Drop Techniques for swordfish grouper, snapper, rock cod and other deep denizens. Utilizing the X-45 Bias Carbon Technology, the blanks are wound with a carbon fiber on a 45-degree bias. The reinforcing fiber strengthens the blank and prevents twisting and ovalization when the blank is under load. Time trusted AFTCO Guides connect line to blank. A Swivel Tip Top can minimize awkward angles and improve boat side landings. The Winthrop Model has finer appointments and features the unique, Terminator Adjustable Butt that can be tailored to a variety of applications. The foregrip is sure, wrapped with Daiwa’s Ultra-Durable Wrapping. The Winthrop also offers a Choice of Standard AFTCO Guides or AFTCO Roller Guides with Swivel Tip Top. If you are in the new legion of, deep drop, swordfisherman or you just know how to fish deep, take a look at Daiwa’s new Seaborg Dendoh Rods, state of the art, fish catching tools, to get down where they live.

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Daiwa Seaborg Dendoh Fishing Rod

  • Action: F
  • Guide Type: AFTCO Roller Tip Top Guide/Fuji SIC HB
  • Length: 7′
  • Line Weight: 80-200
  • Model: SEABG70XHWT-SF
  • Power: XH
  • Type: Winthrop Adjusta Butt


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