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Beretta 92x E02568 Performance Fire Control


Take your Beretta 92 Series handgun to the next level with this upgraded 92x Performance Fire Control kit. The short reset, combined with a special coating on the fire control components will yield faster splits and significantly improved trigger feel and weight.

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Beretta 92x E02568 Performance Fire Control

  • Color: Black
  • Fit: 92F or New handguns(ex. 92 – 96 – 98..)except Type Models
  • Hammer Spring Cap Roll-pin
  • Light Weight Hammer Spring (Type D)
  • Model:E02568
  • Sear Spring
  • Sear with DLC Coating
  • Skeletonized Hammer with DLC Coating
  • Trigger Bar Spring
  • Trigger Bar with DLC Coating
  • Trigger Return Spring
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