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Aim Point Micro T-2 2 MOA LRP Mount


The all new Micro T-2 redefines everything you thought you knew about compact red dot sights. Inside the completely new sight housing are advanced optical lenses that takes optical performance to a new level. Cutting edge lens coatings radically improve the shape and clarity of the 2 MOA red dot � especially when used with an accessory magnifier.Built to offer the same battle-proven ruggedness as other Aimpoint products, the Micro T-2 performs reliably under extreme conditions while adding negligible weight to your weapon.

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AP Micro T-2 2 MOA LRP Mount

  • Rifles
  • Carbines
  • Shotguns
  • Submachine guns
  • Handguns
  • The Aimpoint Micro T-2 is ideal as a standalone sight, and thanks to its small size, it can also be piggybacked on top of larger magnifying scopes, night vision, or thermal imaging optics.
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