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AlienGear S&W SD9 VE Shape Shift Core Carry Holster


Why buy just one SD9 VE holster when you can get up to four for the price of one? Alien Gear has spent more than two years developing a whole new holster system that will change what you can expect from a SD9 holster. In fact, it isn’t even a holster at all. It’s a carry system that will allow you to carry your SD9VE how you want, when you want. The core of the ShapeShift is the injection-molded shell, made from a nearly indestructible polymer. The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack for the S&W SD9 VE includes one full Shift Shell and two trigger guards. The proprietary toolless rails fit together and lock by means of the included twist lock, allowing you to put either the full shells together or a full shell and a half-shell to lock to one of the two supplied backers.

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AlienGear S&W SD9 VE Shape Shift Core Carry Holster


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