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AlienGear Springfield XD Mod 2 Subcompact Shape Shift Core Carry Holster


Why track down every single one, when you could get every XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact holster you might need at once? No more need to track one down after the other; you’re ready for just about most methods of carry that people use on a regular basis. Think about it: if you’re the sort that incorporates carry into their lifestyle, you wind up needing a few different types of holster to fit it. You’ll need a dedicated XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact concealed carry holster for most days. You’ll likely want an open carry holster for those times when concealment isn’t necessarily desired, maybe even a holster that can carry openly or concealed if called upon.

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AlienGear Springfield XD Mod 2 Subcompact Shape Shift Core Carry Holster

  • The the ShapeShift XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact Holster kit, you get the components for the following holster configurations:
  • XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact IWB Holster for comfortable concealed carry, with a durable and comfortable holster base and belt clips that are adjustable for ride height and grip cant.
  • XD Mod 2 45 Appendix Carry Holster, with a scaled-down IWB holster base for comfort and a single belt clip, perfect for appendix carry or a smaller IWB elsewhere.
  • XD Mod 2 Belt Slide OWB Holster, a belt slide OWB holster that rides high, tight and comfortable, perfect for open and concealed carry with minimal layering.
  • XD Mod 2 Paddle Holster OWB, an ultra-durable OWB holster with both active and passive retention, designed to carry through any conditions imaginable.


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