.22 Hornet

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  • Federal .22 Hornet 35Gr Tipped Varmint .22 Hornet

    Federal .22 Hornet 35Gr Tipped Varmint

    Combine accuracy consistency reliable performance on target and the result is the ideal round for the avid varmint hunter. The American Eagle Varmint & Predator load features a reloadable brass and Federal primers and is design to expand explosively on impact for maximum lethality.

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  • Hornady .22 Hornet V-MAX 35GR .22 Hornet

    Hornady .22 Hornet V-MAX 35GR

    The Hornady V-Max is the industry’s leading varmint bullet, and the polymer tip and streamlined design result in ultra-flat trajectories. The match-grade jacket design provides maximum accuracy at all ranges and explosive expansion even at low velocities.

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  • Sellier & Bellot Ammunition .22 Hornet Full Metal Jacket 45 GR .22 Hornet

    Sellier & Bellot Ammunition .22 Hornet Full Metal Jacket 45 GR

    This is Sellier & Bellot’s full metal-jacketed bullet consisting of a lead core and a metallic jacket. Due to its rigid design, the bullet makes a smooth bullet hole in the tissue because it does not get deformed when hitting the target. Imported from the Czech Republic, this ammo is in current production and made to military specs. The non-corrosive, boxer-primed brass case is reloadable. Simply put, this is some of the best and most accurate ammo on the market today at a great price, and it is excellent for home defense, practice, recreational shooting, serious competitive handgun shooting sports, bullseye competitors shooting, action pistol shooting matches, and silhouette shooters.

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