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87 Kingstown Road, C-100
Richmond, Rhode Island 02898

SUN: 9AM – 5PM
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Lunker CityLunker City stands tall as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the world of fishing baits. With a rich history spanning decades, this esteemed brand has earned its place at the forefront of the industry through a relentless commitment to crafting premium soft plastic lures that set the standard for performance and reliability. Every lure that bears the Lunker City name is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence, meticulously engineered to mimic the natural movements of baitfish and prey species.

What truly sets Lunker City apart is their relentless pursuit of perfection in both design and functionality. From their classic Slug-Go to their cutting-edge Swimmin’ Ribster, each lure is a masterpiece of precision engineering, carefully crafted to deliver irresistible action and lifelike appearance underwater. Whether you’re targeting largemouth bass in the shallows or chasing trophy walleye in deeper waters, Lunker City has the perfect bait to help you reel in the big ones.

But it’s not just about the lures themselves – it’s about the trust and confidence that anglers place in the Lunker City brand. With a reputation built on a foundation of quality, reliability, and performance, anglers know they can count on Lunker City to deliver results, trip after trip. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Lunker City is your trusted partner in the pursuit of trophy catches and unforgettable fishing experiences. Cast after cast, season after season, Lunker City is there to help you make every moment on the water count.