Connecticut Manufacturing

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company/Galazan’s started in 1975 by current president Antony Galazan. Its president as a young man was visited by the ATF and because of the volume of guns they suggested that a license should be applied for and that is when the business officially started 34 years ago. The main focus at the time was used shotguns and barrel gauges and screws which are still being manufactured by the company. In approximately 1991 the company was incorporated.

The company is now in its 3rd location and is over 120,000 square feet of manufacturing. We manufacture the following guns: A. H. Fox, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company Model 21, A. Galazan Over & Under, Galazan Side by Side, RBL Launch Edition, RBL 28 gauge, NRA RBL Signature Edition, Inverness, Revelation.

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