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87 Kingstown Road, C-100
Richmond, Rhode Island 02898

SUN: 9AM – 5PM
MON:12PM – 5PM
Tue: 9AM – 5PM
Wed – Sat: 9AM – 7PM
PH: 401.247.4867


Embark on a journey through fishing history with Berkley Fishing, a brand steeped in tradition since 1937. Berkley has been a pioneer in revolutionizing angling experiences globally. Our dedication to advancing technology and design has given rise to a diverse range of top-notch fishing gear. Whether you’re pursuing trophy bass or venturing into the world of fishing for the first time, Berkley Fishing offers a comprehensive selection of lures, lines, and rods designed to elevate your angling game. Join a community of passionate anglers who trust Berkley for its unwavering commitment to excellence. Experience the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, where each Berkley product symbolizes a devotion to the art of fishing. Welcome to the Berkley Fishing family, where every cast holds the promise of an unforgettable adventure. We hope you find our large inventory to be everything you’ve been looking for. Explore our catalog and discover the perfect gear for your next fishing expedition.