Liberty Centurion 24


All Centurion gun safes by Liberty include 2 layers in the ceiling and door, achieving 62,000 BTU heat resistance. Each Liberty Safe Centurion includes 10 Military-Style locking bars, internal hard plate and Relocker to bring a level of security not found in other entry-level safes. The Centurions are even California-approved firearm safety device! Rest assured, when you’re looking for extra value with more features, choose Centurion safes by Liberty. (MUST BE PICKED UP – CAN NOT SHIP)

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Liberty Safes Centurion 24-BKT 24Gun ELock (MUST BE PICKED UP – CAN NOT SHIP)
More fireboard than the competition to achieve 30 minutes of fire protection @ 1200°F
3 layers in the ceiling and door (including 1″ composite fire door) and 1 layer in the walls
Palusol heat-expanding seal included on all models, expanding up to 7 times it size in a fire at 212°F. Don’t settle for inferior door seals used on cheaper safes
The Centurion fire package is the minimum recommended level for fire protection. Consider higher fire packages found in our other series for more heat sensitive items.


  • Security Rating: Non-UL
  • Door Type: Composite
  • Door Thickness: 4″ total with 1″ composite door front
  • Door Bar / Bolt Sides: 2-Sided Military Style locking bars
  • Body Steel Thickness: 14 Gauge
  • Total Body Thickness: .75″
  • Lock: UL Listed, Sargent & Greenleaf
  • Lock Type: S&G UL Listed 6741 mechanical lock standard (NO key locking dial) with optional upgrade to SecuRam TopLit electronic lock
  • Relocker Type: Fail-Safe, Punch and Drill
  • Hardplate Lock Protection: Single RC63 hardplate
  • Locking Mechanism Type: Direct Cam Drive
  • Bar / Bolt Type: 4″ Military Style Locking Bars
  • Bar / Bolt Protector Type: Single Hardplate

Fire Protection:

  • Fire Minutes: 30 Minutes
  • Fire Rating: 1200°/30 Minutes
  • Fire Temp: 1200°
  • Layers: 3 in ceiling and door, 1 on sides and doorjambs
  • Door Seal: Heat-Activated, Expanding Palusol

Style & Functionality:

  • Fabric Type: Gray Fabric
  • Upholstery: Fully Upholstered
  • Interior Lighting: optional
  • Door Panel: None; Accessory Door Panel Available