Krieghoff Heinrich

The beginning of Krieghoff Heinrich  lies in Suhl, Thuringia in 1886, where Ludwig Krieghoff and his partner founded the arms factory Sempert & Krieghoff. Since the company’s founding the main focus lay on building fine hunting guns. Even today Ludwig Krieghoff’s principle “Die Läufe schießen, aber der Schaft trifft!”® (You shoot with the barrels, you hit with the stock) still stands. Therefore custom stock making became an integral part of the Krieghoff gun making process and guaranteed the excellent shooting results with Krieghoff guns – and still holds true today.

In 1916 Ludwig’s son Heinrich founded his own company in Suhl which later incorporated his fathers business. An able engineer and business man, Heinrich developed amongst other things a semi-automatic rifle and a hookless shotgun. He also enhanced the legendary Krieghoff drillings, which are still part of todays production program.

Throughout this journey, they have gained over 125 years of experience day by day which they have used to continually improve our products and develop new innovations. Today many hunters as well as clay target shooters trust in the quality and precision of their Hunting and Sporting Guns.

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