Weatherby, Inc. is an American gun manufacturer founded in 1945 Roy Weatherby. The company is best known for its high-powered magnum cartridges, such as the .257 W.Magnum, .270 W. Magnum, .300 W. Magnum, .340 W. Magnum and the .460 W. Magnum. Company headquarters is in Sheridan, Wyoming.

The original production rifles by Roy were built on commercial Mauser actions by FN, Brevex (magnum), and Mathieu (left hand). For many years, the Company manufactured his rifles at his small facility in South Gate, California. But in 1956, he contracted with Sako to build his production rifles on Weatherby-FN Mauser actions. Custom rifles were still produced in South Gate, however. In January, 2018 the company announced it was relocating from Paso Robles, California to Sheridan, Wyoming.

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