Ljutic Industries is an American manufacturer of shotguns in the United States, based in Yakima, Washington. It was founded by Al Ljutic and his wife Nadine in Reno, Nevada in 1959.

The company was founded in 1959 using a $500,000 settlement from Winchester Repeating Arms Company following Winchester’s use of an company design. In 1960, the company changed its name from the “Ljutic Gun Company” to the current “Ljutic Industries.”  In September 2006 Jere Irwin of Irwin Research and Development purchase for $250,000 and a small sum to the family the company naming rights.

Thanks to Al’s innovation, shooters can own a custom built, super reliable target-breaking machine. You will not find another gun manufacturer with as much family dedication and commitment to one goal – building you an exceptional, customized shotgun.

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