Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Bullet Weight, 1oz – Black


Some of the finest quality weights available, the Tour Grade Tungsten Weights by Strike King are insert-free, designed to not fray your line, have an incredibly durable paint coating, and will increase your catch-rate. The Tungsten Weights’ boat-tail/weight-forward shape allow the weights to easily penetrate and fall through cover which will lead to a higher catch-rate. Tungsten’s high density enables a smaller size than comparable lead weights, which makes them less obtrusive to your lure and will help your hook-up ratio. Plus, the Tungsten Weights’ hardness gives you incredible feel of the bottom and strikes that can’t be matched by lead. The Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Weights will improve your fishing success so you will never want to use lead again!

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Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Bullet Weight

  • Color: Black
  • Durable paint coating
  • Insert-free
  • Model: TGTW1-10
  • Weight: 1oz