Fish Snax Lures Albie Snax Soft Fishing Lures, 6pk – Sand Eel Laminate


Albie Snax are precise casting lures that can be fished slow to resemble injured baitfish or fast to trigger instinctual strikes. It casts long and true. We have yet to find a fish that will not strike this lure. Designed for Albacore and also effective on striped bass, sea bass, white sea bass, redfish, and mahi. Freshwater fisherman will also be pleased with its ability to attract largemouth bass strikes. It’s the only lure you need in your tackle box. Give it a cast and get tight.

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Fish Snax Lures Albie Snax Soft Fishing Lures

  • Color: Sand Eel Laminate
  • Length: 5″
  • Material: Soft Plastic
  • Pack Count: 6