Daiwa Procyon AL 3000D 5.2:1, Spinning Reel


For a higher level of performance, the Daiwa Procyon AL spinning reel family is back for the attack whether that means freshwater or inshore applications. From speckled trout, redfish, and snook to bass, walleye, and trout, the Procyon AL offers anglers the perfect reel for the pursuit.

In terms of application, the Procyon AL is available in five sizes from the PCNAL2000D model for freshwater fish to the PCNAL4000D-C, which fits the bill nicely for inshore applications and larger freshwater fish.

The Procyon AL is rich in its feature set. First, the reel series features an aluminum body that allows less body and frame flex providing better support on the gears and bearings allowing increased torque and power while also allowing longer life to the gears. Anglers will find that the aluminum body of the Procyon AL is incredibly lightweight when they pick it up and put it on their favorite rod.

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Daiwa Procyon AL 3000D 5.2:1, Spinning Reel

  • Bearings: 6BB+1
  • Drag Max: 22 lbs
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • J Braid Capacity: 15/250, 20/220
  • Line Per Handle Turn: 30.6”
  • Mono Capacity: 10/280, 12/220
  • Weight: 9 oz