Carlson’s 12 Ga Browning Inv


Flush mount, stainless steel tubes available for the many shotguns using the popular Win-Choke thread size and standard Tru-Chokes, plus Remington, Beretta/Benelli, Browning Invector Plus, and Mossberg 835 ­Ultra Mag. These tubes can be used with magnum and steel shot loads. Tru™-Choke Thinwall tubes are recommended for 2¾” Lead Shot loads ONLY. All X-Full and Turkey constrictions are for use with Lead and Hevi-Shot ONLY!

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Carlson’s 12 Ga Browning Invector Plus Full Choke

Carlson’s Flush Full Choke Tube
Fits Browning Invector Plus 12 Gauge
.710 Constriction
Remington Flush Mount Replacement Stainless Choke Tubes
Manufactured from 17-4 heat treated stainless steel
These chokes may be used with lead shot on any constrictions