Berkley Drift Walker Topwater – Blue Bullet


Ideal for those slick calm days when you need a more finesse approach, the Berkley Drift Walker provides a subtle action that will trigger even the wariest of bass. Constructed with a slim hydrodynamic profile, the Berkley Drift Walker produces a long walking stride to maximize time in the strike zone without moving forward, which is perfect for lure shy fish that won’t commit to other baits. The Berkley Drift Walker is also equipped with an internal rear weight to increase casting distance and provide a subtle rattling sound to draw fish in from a distance. Complete with three Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks that dramatically increase hook-up percentages, the Berkley Drift Walker will help you drift your way right into the winner’s circle at your next derby.

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Berkley Drift Walker Topwater

  • Class: Topwater
  • Color: Blue Bullet
  • Length: 4-1/2″
  • Weight: 1/2oz