Aimtech manufactures and designs industry-leading new, innovative, quality, products for American shooters at a price we can afford! With decades of experience, from shooting enthusiasts and competitors to law enforcement and military Aimtech is dedicated to bringing a wide variety of cutting edge products to the shooting sports world. Add a solid shooting base to your sporting rifle with this premium sling stud mounted bi-pod from Aimtech. Constructed from durable high strength aluminum you know this bipod is built to work and play as hard as you do. The legs fold back out of the way and extend from 9″ to 13″ high. Spring tension holds them open and the height is locked in with notched leg adjustment. You can quickly and easily mount this bi-pod to any sling swivel stud. Never take another unsteady shot with the Heavy Duty Bi-Pod from Aimtech!

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Aimtech Heavy Duty, 9″-13″ Sling Swivel Mount Bi-Pod

  • Color: Black
  • Height: 9″ to 13″ 
  • Material: High Strength Aluminum Construction
  • Model: Aimtech Heavy Duty Bi-Pod 10753
  • Notched Leg Adjustment
  • Sling Swivel Stud Mount
  • Swoop Back Foldable Legs