Keystone Sporting Arms

Keystone Sporting Arms  opened its doors in January 1996, with only four employees. The business started as a family owned and operated company; and that year 4,000 Crickett® rifles were produced. Since then KSA has exhibited constant annual growth.

In 2007, the company made two major purchases: Chipmunk® rifle in Oregon and Revolution™ Stocks in New York. Then in 2008, KSA re-located to a 31,000 square foot facility in the Milton Industrial Park, Milton, Pennsylvania. The company is equipped with modern, state of the art equipment, and a capability to increase production to meet the growing demand for firearms. Keystone Sporting Arms continues to grow, producing 60,000 Crickett® and Chipmunk® rifles in 2008. Currently KSA employs 70 people, and in Sept 2009 completed a 45,000 square foot addition to accommodate existing production and new projects.

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