Heym was founded in Suhl (Today is Heym AG),  Germany by Friedrich Wilhelm Heym in July 1865. On May 24, 1891 they were issued Patent Nr. 60215 for a three barreled hunting rifle with three triggers and three hammers on the same axis. This was the birth of the first hammerless drilling. The company expanded producing drillings, shotguns, and over and under rifle-shotgun combinations. Russia was their most important export market until 1914.

In 1912 Adolf Heym assumed management of the company and began shifting the export market from Russia to the USA.August Heym assumed management of the company in 1920, and began production of Anson & Deeley Drillings, double rifle drillings, drillings with three triggers, double rifles, and rifle shotgun combination guns.

Following World War II in 1945, Heym made a new start in the West Germany. They built a modern weapons factory in Gleichamberg / Thuringia, Germany in 1995 and transferred production from Münnerstadt. The name was changed in February 2007 to Heym AG.

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