Freedom Ordnance

Freedom Ordnance is a veteran owned and operated American company dedicated to providing you, the responsible patriot, with weapons upgrades to enhance the performance of your gear. They will always strive to give you its best in quality, service, and support so you can freely exercise your given right to keep and bear arms.

Freedom Ordnance has quietly been cranking interesting and different products.

Unlike the vast majority of AR-9 platforms, Freedom Ordnance has built their receivers from the ground up for the 9mm cartridge rather than begin with an AR-15 receiver and fill in the un-needed space. The result is receivers that are about an inch shorter than your standard AR-9. This, of course, results in a shorter firearm but also cuts down on the amount of material needed and weight. This length reduction also makes for a shorter and smaller bolt. In the hand, the gun feels like a scaled model of an AR-9 and yet still accepts AR accessories and YES, it runs on Glock-pattern magazines

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