FaustiFausti Arms has been manufacturing hunting and competition shotguns since 1948 with great care and passion, and century old traditions with modern technological advances. The company, founded by Cavalier Stefano Fausti, is now run by his three daughters Elena, Giovanna and Barbara.

Fausti’s over-under and side-by-side guns are designed to meet the specific needs of very demanding hunters and shooters, at the same time they are collector pieces whose technical and aesthetic features represent a milestone in time.

Fausti Arms traditional side-by-side and deluxe over-and-under shotguns are famous for their high quality standards, intrinsic beauty and impeccable finish all over the world.

Not only stock dimensions but also many technical features, from barrel length to bore diameters, and finishing details, from engraving patterns to initials, can be custom ordered on all Fausti field and competition shotguns. It is the full customization option and the attention paid to the utmost detail that make Fausti shotguns truly unique

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