Keith Warren Saves Two Locked-Up Bucks with an Electric Saw

Anytime you encounter two locked-up bucks, you know it could get dangerous.  You have to love hunting shows. All the coincidences and money shots that appear in every 30-minute show just boggle the mind. It’s part of what makes these shows so unbearable to watch. However, Keith Warren is pretty legit. As one of the icons

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Want to Know America’s Most Armed Counties? This Map Measures It

This map shows the 101 counties in the USA where the highest percentage of residents keep guns in their homes. The most heavily armed county in the US is (drum roll, please)… Stewart County, Tennessee. That’s based on an a count of the “highest percentage of residents that keep firearms around their homes,” according to in

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How to Hunt a Nocturnal Buck

Mature bucks are wary and often travel at night or early to avoid danger and hunters. Here are some top tips on how to successfully hunt nocturnal bucks.

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Lucky Hunter Harvests ‘Cactus Buck’ in North Carolina

This North Carolina hunter harvested the buck of a lifetime. A Johnson County hunter harvested the buck of a lifetime during the early archery season. Chris Carter shot what is being called the “Cactus Buck” while he was bowhunting Sunday morning. Huge congrats to my brother today on his cactus buck taken by bow this morning

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Michigan DNR Says Potential CWD-Infected Doe Shot During Youth Season

Suspected CWD-positive doe taken in Montcalm County. Michigan’s youth deer season saw at least one young successful hunter’s harvest end with some bad news. Initial tests show the deer may have had chronic wasting disease. A lab at Michigan State University still has to confirm the diagnosis on the 3 1/2-year-old doe, but the news

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Get Ready for the Season with the Ultimate Kill Shot Mashup

Brace yourself for impact for the most amazing kill shots. This video compilation of the most amazing kill shots ever captured on camera will get you fired up. Pay close attention, in a few of these shots you can see the bullet traveling through the air before impact. WARNING: This video contains violent and graphic

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Florida’s East Coast to Get First Red Snapper Fishing in Over a Year

It looks like Florida’s east coast will get a red snapper season this year. The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council voted to open the season during a meeting at the end of September. Eastern Florida hasn’t had a red snapper season in over a year. “We’ve consistently heard from our constituents about the increasing number

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