Beretta 690 Field III


Beretta 690 Field III

Blending the best of their 686 and 687 shotguns, Beretta’s 690 Field III Over & Under Shotgun takes pattern consistency and striking good looks to a whole new level. Steelium barrels are impervious to deformation under firing while the OptimaChoke® HP system delivers the utmost in pattern consistency. Highest-grade walnut in its category and elaborate engraving makes it stand out on the rack at the gun range. Redesigned locking system is stronger without altering action height. Precision balanced and lightweight, making it a pleasure to carry and shoot. Includes five choke tubes.

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SKU: J690F18 Categories: , , ,
Cartridge or Gauge = 12 Gauge
Action = Over & Under
Barrel Length = 28″
Hand = Right
Finish = Blued
Stock Color = Walnut
Round Capacity = 2
Gun Weight = 7.8 lbs.

The Beretta 690 Field III over-under hunting shotgun blends the best of Beretta’s legendary 686/687 series with a few structural and cosmetic innovations. The trim, low-profile receiver features curved locking lugs for unbeatable strength, as well as larger hinge-pins that make the action a champion of durability. Esthetically, the 690 Field III gives you a brand-new engraving pattern that features both elaborate scrolls and game scenes; and the oil-finished wood that it comes with is of a higher grade, giving you a striking work of art out of the box.  The Beretta 690 Field III comes equipped with Steelium barrels and with the OptimaChoke HP system. From the 3″ chamber on forward, the Steelium proprietary steel alloy gives the barrels a combination of lightness and imperviousness to deformation under firing; for the hunter, this means a shotgun that comes effortlessly to the shoulder while offering enviable pattern consistency. Add to this the OptimaChoke HP system, and in the 690 Field III you get a hunting shotgun that will give you low recoil, extreme durability with any kind of loads (2 3/4″ or 3″) and the kind of accuracy that will always make you successful in the field or at the range.  Receivers of the Beretta over-unders have always been highly valued among connoisseurs, thanks to their low profile, strength, elegance and durability. With the Beretta 690 Field III, these qualities make yet another step forward. Without altering the height of the action, Beretta has made its locking system stronger and the hinge-pins more durable. From the outside, a brand-new engraving pattern makes this shotgun rich with detail and a striking conversation piece even when it is not in use. This is because at Beretta, we believe that owning a shotgun should be an experience–one that starts every time you open the gun case and admire the works of art that it contains. Wood quality is an important part of the “experience” of owning a hunting over-under. The 690 Field III features the best wood grade of its category to deliver a really amazing look. Every stock is carefully selected, checked and fitted by the most qualified Beretta experts, to guarantee the maximum technical and aesthetical standards. Also, the wood is oil-finished to make it more impervious to moisture.  The 690 Field III is lighter than the previous generation 687 Beretta over and under shotguns, thanks to the re-engineered barrel / forend-iron design. In its 26″ barrel configuration, it will weigh (depending on wood density) only a touch above 7 lbs, making it a pleasure to carry and shoot even on a long upland trek. Point of balance is right where it should be–at the hinge-pin–while the barrels will still feel lively when the shotgun is brought to the shoulder. Furthermore, the gun comes in a set of configurations to fit the needs of the most demanding hunters: 28″ barrels (26″ available in the future), together with a 38/60 stock drop in both cast-on and -off. Five chokes complete the OptimaChoke HP version, while a fixed choke version will be available upon request.

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